27 September 2010


I've been dealing with postpartum depression and find therapy a necessity again.  Quite frankly I hate therapy.  I have to re hash all the horrible issues of my life.  Which in turn makes me feel crappier than before.  The process of breaking in a new therapist is so tiring that I feel it's practically useless.  Why have I had to do this so frequently you may ask?  Well it's had to do with moving around A LOT because I was escaping an abuser.

Ah ha!  It comes out!

Ember has a dark and troubled past.

The past is past though and bringing it up over and over again just pisses me off because I realize that I haven't worked through all these "issues" I have with things that have happened.  I don't want to work on them honestly, I just want to move forward.  Dragonfly assures me that my past is going to keep causing me trouble if I don't look at it and understand it.  I'm starting to disagree.  I've found that ignoring it works quite well for me :~}

Therapy by ELL

No one should have to live the
desperate moments of their
lives over and over
only to find out there is
nothing wrong with
their life
only the natural pain of having
experienced woe.

Yet we pay people to make us say
these things over and over
and we ask them to
take a closer
look at these moments
of anguish.

We ask them to get involved in our
personal affairs.

I suppose we are to be grateful
for our achievements
to know the

I feel, however, like I'm publicly

every time.

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