14 November 2010

Thoughts of Inception

Dragonfly and I got to go out on a date night tonight.  This doesn't happen very often and it was nice to get out as a couple of adults instead of a couple of parents.  (Thanks Carmen and Fran for watching the kids!)  Unfortunately, we happen to go to the movies and watched the most amazing and brilliant movie we have ever seen. It also was the most realistic and most disturbing, as well as the most questioning of reality.  Which isn't good for Dragonfly as he use to live in a state of questioning reality while using drugs, back in the day and thankfully no more.  For me it was the constant flee, the constant movement, the overwhelming momentum of the thing.  We both left drained.  Both of us have had dark pasts, and continue to work through issues from the past.  This movie worked on both of us in ways we could not have foreseen.   So, I wish to extend a word of advice to people who have PTSD or have a propensity toward anxiety attacks-- don't watch Inception.  It's a little to great.  Mind you, it was an amazing movie, probably the best one I have ever seen.  I just couldn't take it.  It took me to a dark place and I couldn't wait to see my kids afterward. So caution to you who seek a pleasant break from reality, this is a really harsh movie on many levels.  I would rethink my plans if you want to relax.

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