17 December 2010

Minimalism II

I'm going to do it.  Over the next year I am going to reduce my possessions down to one hundred items, including
clothing items.This is only my personal possessions. At first I'm gonna have groupings of items, ie:  makeup,
jewelry/hair stuff.Then we'll see if I can get it down from there too.  I'm not shaving anymore, so I don't have to
worry about shaving products.  I'm doing neglect dreads starting today so conditioner and hair brushes out.
I'm not doing those things to reduce my possessions I just realize that there are a lot of things we do to our bodies
that isn't needed.  I know my makeup kind of is against what I just said but right now it makes me feel good so
I'm keeping it.  I'm going to show my progress and the ideas I have.  I believe I'll be making some of my own clothes
too.  You'll get to see my ideas and my hair and whatever else I can show you.  I'm letting it all hang out now!
Why the hell not?