25 July 2011


MOVING MOVING MOVING!!!!!  Every time I move I go into this denial state.   "I don't have that much stuff," I say to myself.  "We can pack just a day or two before we head off," I reassure myself.



Every time.

Not this time.

This time we're moving to Florida from Tennessee.  That's like what, TWELVE HOURS AWAY.  Plus, we've decided to only pack our two cars.  That's one Toyota Corolla and one Volvo station wagon.  Are we going minimal?  Yes.  Are we chucking most of our furniture?  Yes.  Am I freaking out?  Just a little.  But, I've been there before.  I've lived with just toys and clothes and started over.  I have the benefit of having experienced near homelessness before.  This time we have family support.  This time, there is Florida Craigslist!  The free section there holds out far more couches, chairs, and beds than here where I live.  We are going bold people.

Now comes the hard part.  Getting rid of nearly everything!!!!  

Here's a small list:

1 Queen Size Mattress
1 Twin Size Mattress
2 Two Drawer Filing Cabinets
1 Rocking Chair
1 Blue Arm Chair
1 Antique Chest
1 Small Book Shelf
1 Small Chest of Drawers
3 Kitchen Chairs

That's just the Furniture portion.  There is a whole closet of folding chairs and folding table that we haven't discussed yet.  Plus holiday stuff, a guitar, violin, toys, clothes, kitchen stuff.  It all needs to be drastically reduced.  My husband doesn't quite realize the amount of stuff.

I'm thinking of having a virtual yard sale on Craigslist so keep your eyes open you may score some cool swag.

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