29 October 2011

Craigslist and Dumpster Diving

I have always enjoyed the free section of Craigslist and Dumpester Diving.  It is my goal to furnish our new place, wherever that may be, with furnishings that we have either scavenged, or gotten from Craigslist for free.  The exception would be for bedding which may happen you never know i just don't expect my need for a bunk bed to be filled right away and we may need to buy.  I may try to put an advert out there for the need.

The idea of not spending money on furniture is appealing, as is the idea that everything that I need and we as a family need is already out there in the world discarded and in need of love and personalization.

Living in this consumer driven society keeps us from seeing that we already have enough stuff and then some for every child and mother and father, every person on the planet to live comfortably their entire lives.

I'm not going to contribute any more than I have to in consumerism.  I just will be a little more creative in my means of getting things I need for me and my family.

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