07 October 2011

Learning to Let things Be

I'm living with my grandmother.  She's 74.  She's set in her ways.  She's a different kind of bird.  She sometimes rubs me the wrong way.  I get stressed out about living here a lot.  I'm learning to love and let be.  Sometimes that's the only way to keep from hating someone.  I do not want to hate my grandmother.  I'm learning to take all her quirks and all her odd almost hurtful comments in stride.  It's not my problem really, and truthfully, I don't know her very well and she doesn't really know me all that well and it really doesn't matter in the long run what she thinks.  It really matters though that I can still love her.  It really matters that she let me move my family under her roof.  It really matters that no matter what, tattoos, piercings, and all, that she's going to stick by me and love me.

I'm really blessed to tell the truth.

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