08 November 2011

On Moving AGAIN

Well, it looks as though we have found ourselves a new place to live.  AGAIN! :)

This will be what?  The third time we have moved this year?  Nothing compared to moving six times in a year between September 2008-June 2009!  Yes that's another story entirely but I'll tell you the tale later.

Now it's moving time again in less then four days!  Woot!  But it's really okay this time because most of our things are in boxes already.  We've been living with my grandmother and have been very fortunate to be able to use her kitchen, linens, and furniture.  It's amazing how basic you really can live.

It always makes me re-evaluate how much stuff I really use on a daily basis.  I won't have internet at the new place for at least a week so expect blog silence.  No worries though I'm going to try to fill it up with all sorts of goodies before the move.

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