15 February 2012


We all look for guidance.  As small children we depend on parents to guide us through to adulthood.  We look to our bosses, clergy, and politicians.  But, what about ourselves?  Do we guide ourselves to do the important? The mundane? 

I find myself in the precarious position of being the guide for my children but feeling guide-less.    I don't have any direction in my life.  No real goals personally other than to have "the most artistic year ever".   I don't know what I want to do now.  I'm overwhelmed with life.  Not enough sleep, or breaks will make a person crazy. 

Right now I don't have many friends in Sarasota and I'm not sure how to make them in this vulnerable state of mind.  I know I need them.  Without friendships I aim it all on my family.  I don't want that at all. I also don't want to be overwhelmed anymore.  Friends help with that.  

Some moving and shaking has to begin with me to make things better.

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