25 April 2012

Being a Mother

There is a blog I read almost every day called the Goddess Guidebook.  Leonie of the Goddess Guidebook was describing how she is feeling a great change in her life.  She feels "less of a maiden and more of a mother". When I read that line I realized that I too have lost my maidenhood.  I'm not a girl anymore.  I'm not into passive aggressive behavior.  I'm tell it how it is.  I'm not into implying how I feel or implying my opinion because I'm trying to hard to be modest or polite or proper.   Not that the way I am now isn't polite it's that I'm feeling more forward and not so timid anymore.

There are three aspects to a woman's life (the Goddess if you will).  These are: The Maiden, The Mother, and The Crone.

The Maiden is all things fertile, virginal and innocent.  She's in a deep place of learning and beginning.

The Mother is sexuality, fertility, power, fulfillment, and stability. (The prime and peak of life so to speak).

The Crone is wisdom, ease, and death (endings and acceptance).

I most definitely feel like I'm in my prime.  After all the sorrow, upheaval, all the emotional pain, all the hormonal upsets from postpartum depression I feel still.

I feel alive and wise and hopeful.

This is an amazing place to be.  Especially now that I don't feel so uncertain anymore.

Sure, I have questions and I have doubt.  But, I am no longer ruled by these feelings.  I know my ability and capability to preform when need be.


I guess this is what it feels like to be a grown up.


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